"Build & Grow A Foundation Of Twitter Followers, No Matter What Type Of Music You Play"

Do you want more followers for your band on Twitter? Most bands that actively market themselves do. That’s why I’m offering a service to help bands add followers to their Twitter account.

No spamming or buying cheap followers, these are real people who are likely to listen, download, buy your music, and come to your concerts.

"Why Do I Need Twitter Followers?"

A Twitter account for your band is a necessity; getting followers is what makes your account useful. 

Have a concert that you need to sell out? It’s a whole lot easier to do so when you have 5000 people to spread the word to, and the more followers the better. 

Every extra follower you have is another fan who can engage with you, get to know you, and hear, love, and buy your music. The more followers you have, the more likely it is that your music career will take off and be profitable. 

What more could a musician want than that?

How Do You Get More Twitter Followers?

On Twitter, people "follow" the bands that they like.


Make a list of music/bands that are similar to your band.


Follow the people who are following those bands (50-100 per day); they're more likely to love your music! 


5-20% of them will follow you back depending on how well you targeted them!

If you follow 100 people a day, that will take you about 6-8 hours of month of work to do (10-20 minutes a day), but should gain you about 100-200 followers per month. Never follow more than 100 people a day, as any more than that could make your account seem like spam to Twitter.

"But What Do We Do About Everyone That Doesn’t Follow Me Back?"

Once you start following 2,000+ people, Twitter starts to limit the amount of people you follow. This can be problematic if you don't keep a neat & tidy Twitter list.

The solution to this problem is...


Keep track of everyone who follows you back


Unfollow anyone who doesn't follow you back (unless you really like them!)

I make sure that your Twitter account continues to be reputable and sustainable.

"Can’t I Just Do This Myself?"

Heck yes! You also can make your own hamburgers and coffee, but for some reason you still go to Burger King and Starbucks. Why is that?

Getting followers on Twitter simply takes time, and it’s a bother! 

Depending on how intense you want your results to be, you could spend between 2-8 hours every month working on this. If you outsource the work to me, you can save a lot of time. On top of that, if you’re the type of person who hates marketing your band, you might not have done it anyways. 

This service is the perfect compromise for someone who doesn’t want to drain their bank account, but knows that marketing for your band needs to be done.

Why Not Use Those “3000 Followers INSTANTLY” Twitter services?

Anyone claiming to get you 1000’s of Twitter followers a day is playing you. Unless you are spending thousands of dollars a day on advertising, you simply can’t achieve that kind of success.

Those kinds of services have thousands upon thousands of fake Twitter accounts that they get to follow all their clients. It seems like it’s working when your follower count goes up, but that’s all that’s happening; you aren't gaining any real fans.

These accounts are not interested in music, and they will not make you a penny. At the very best, they can make your Twitter account look like it has a lot of fans, but they will never interact with you or buy your music, and they certainly won’t ever come to a concert (because they aren’t real). 

My service involves legitimately enticing music-lovers to check out your music. It’s proven to work in the past, because I’m targeting real music-loving people, not a bunch of robots. 

We know it's legitimate because they WANT to hear your music. Many of these people would be very glad to add you to their music library, if only they had heard of you.

This is much different than pushing some awful service down any unwilling-patrons throat like a used car salesman. This is to help people find something they've already shown they want: music!

What Other Bands Have To Say

*AUDRA* (from Chaser Eight)

The only real obstacle I had with using Twitter was managing my followers and trying to gain more. It can definitely be a full-time job and busy independent musicians simply do not have the time for it.

Andrew's service was amazing. I love that I could trust that there would be followers added and they would be in our genre. There was a lot of attention to detail.

The thing I LOVED was the communication with Andrew made everything so easy. I told him exactly what I was looking for and he delivered.

I would absolutely recommend this service to other bands. You gain a bunch of followers and don’t have to do the work yourself. There is no downside.

My experience was just all around extremely pleasant and I couldn't be happier. 

Mike Schellenberg (from MIDI Swish)

Not all of us young upstart musicians are exactly rich, so sometimes it can be tricky to figure out where to dedicate your funds; that might have kept me from using the service. 

But after hiring Andrew from TheRealMusician, he steadily assembled a dedicated group of followers that I communicate with on a regular basis. I found that a lot of visits to my Bandcamp page came directly through twitter.

All I had to do was come up with a list of similar artists who already have followers, and after 3 months, so far I'm over 500 more twitter followers because of the Twitter service.

It just makes you look good to have followers, ya know?

I would definitely recommend TheRealMusician's Twitter service to other bands, especially if they're putting effort towards marketing themselves through social media. It's a lot easier than doing it all yourself.

I've found that the best thing you can do to complement this service is talk to your followers, it definitely can lead to a lot more attention, and also it just makes twitter more enjoyable.

Alvaro (from Liquid Casing)

Our campaign ran for 3 months.  We started with 12 followers and ended around 700. 

Before using the service, I didn't realize how successful the service would be for helping to reach out farther and initiating connections with other like-minded music lovers

After hiring Andrew to do some Twitter promotion for us, I was surprised by the number of people who would share our music via retweets, with almost no prompting from our band.

It consistently brought in ~200 music-minded followers a month.

Our band was able to start conversations with other bands to do collaborations and our shows were more widely promoted.  Significant time has to be invested into growing followers, and this service allows the band to not have to focus so much on that aspect as much as the music itself.

If a band is looking to have a greater presence on twitter for promotion and engaging more people, this is a great way to do it

 It was a pleasure working with you!

Eric Mummert (from The Mostly Dead)

Initially I was a little skeptical that it would work and thought we’d try the service for a few months.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised every month;  our followers on Twitter continues to grow each month.

Some of the new followers Andrew got us have music blogs.  We recently did an interview with an Australian music blog and another site in the US wants to review our new CD when it’s released. 

We started Twitter promotion with Andrew in April 2013 with 99 followers. As of December 2013, we now have 1409 followers.

Andrew’s website, therealmusician.com, is very informative. My band is all DIY from recording, touring, and promotion.  The site explains how we could go about growing our followers on twitter, but it’s a lot of work to add to everyone’s already busy schedules.

He encouraged us to interact with followers or posting other stuff we enjoy or think is funny, and not just post blatant promotion plugging shows ect.

With Andrew’s service it frees up time for us to focus on booking shows/tours and other aspect of our band.    

One benefit of the service is having people from all over the world discovering our band. 

Andrew has been great to work with.  His process is effective and it’s been awesome to watch the number of new followers on twitter continue to grow.

Ed Tang (from Ed Tang & The Chops)

One obstacle that would have kept me from using the Twitter service for Ed Tang is that not many of our immediate friends/ local fans use Twitter.  They're for the most part all on Facebook, so it is difficult starting our tweeting to only a hand full of people who are following you.

But once we signed up, I found an amazing increase in the number of followers without having to do any additional work.

We started with 66 followers. After a month or so, I now have close to 420 followers.

I liked that it was directed at my target audience... fans of bands and musicians who we sound like... so if they like them, then the chances are they will like us.

The service is no effort; just tweet as normal and let the service do all the work. You get more followers who you will actually have a common thread with, and you get social justification by having a solid group of followers.

I would absolutely recommend this service to other bands... its a no-brainer.  Low cost, no effort, tons of followers.

This is a personable company that you can talk to.  The customer service is top notch; you're not dealing with some robot. 

4 thumbs up!

Ras Xix (from Ras Xix)

Andrew has been wonderfully open about sharing his strategies and tips in gaining followers on Twitter. One thing I liked was that the outreach is selective and customized to my style of music.

Having the time to reach out to potential fans was a limiting factor for me. As a result of using The Real Musician’s twitter promotion, my number of followers increased. I started out with 1 follower and now have 376 after a month and a half.

It saved me time to work on other aspects of my music career, gave great results and quality followers/fanbase. It's been a great learning process and positive experience overall. The experience has provided me with insightful information on how to expand my fanbase on Twitter.

Ximena Borges

I connected with people I wouldn't have reached otherwise - cool network that allowed me to ask questions, get advice from these strangers - that was definitely the coolest part.

I liked how organic it felt, I didn't have to be very involved with it, I just knew it was growing and new people were relating to me, and me to them, but Andrew's service took a lot of time and work off my hands.

I got more job opportunities, found more people to collaborate with, and got more people listening to my music.

6. Would you recommend the Twitter service to other bands? Why?
I would ABSOLUTELY recommend the Twitter service to other bands. It's easy, it takes the work off your hands, your network grows with ACTUAL people, not fake people, and you don't have to lift a finger.

I don't have anything negative to say!! Andrew was so nice and only got in touch with me at the end of every month so I didn't have to manage anything. Everything flowed great.


In the below chart, you can see how many people I will follow for you per day (more following = higher cost). Results are always estimated of course, because we are dealing with real people, and real people are unpredictable.

I should also mention that once you get over 1000 followers, things can tend to pick up a bit more. People are more likely to follow someone who already has lots of followers, so your follow-back rate goes up! 

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