Online Video Guitar Lessons

The guitar is such a fun instrument to learn! You get to take all the songs that inspire you, and actually play them yourself!

The problem is that it can be a bit of a maze to find all the best lessons online. Google can help sometimes, but lots of the time you don’t even KNOW what to search for. Maybe you’re getting pretty good, and you don’t even realize that you should probably learn how to “sweep”.

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I’ve curated some essential lessons so that you’ll know where to go. 

Rate your skill out of 10 (0 meaning you’ve never played guitar before, and 10 being expert, in which case you don’t need lessons).

  • 0-3  (beginner)
  • 4-6 (intermediate)
  • 7-10 (advanced)

Click on your experience level:

Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced

Beginner Guitar Lessons

I’ve ordered these beginner lessons so that a complete beginner can start at #1, and by the time you’ve reached the end of the beginner lessons you should have a good grasp on what you’re doing.

Justin Guitar has a wonderful beginner’s guitar series that I’d recommend. You can find it here. If you skip that, you can find more lessons below though.

  1. How to hold the guitar 
  2. Knowing your finger & fret numbers 
  3. Knowing your guitar 
  4. Knowing your strings
  5. Tuning your guitar (part 1) (part 2)
  6. RESOURCE: Online guitar tuner 
  7. How to change your acoustic guitar strings 
  8. How to change your electric guitar strings 
  9. How to strum and pick notes
  10. Your first chords (G and D Major)
  11. Am7 and C minor chords
  12. Putting the chords together
  13. SONG TIME: Try out this simplified version of “leaving on a jet plane” using the G, C, and D chords.
  14. Keeping time PART 1 - Using a metronome
  15. Keeping time PART 2 - Foot tapping
  16. More strumming patterns 
  17. IMPORTANT: How to read guitar tabs
  18. Start learning songs that you love - go to and search for songs that you really love and seem like you can play. You can find them in “tab” or “chord” versions. You may also want to get the Guitar Pro software, and download songs in Guitar Pro format (I’d recommend finding a download of Guitar Pro 5, as the newer versions don’t work as well). Make a habit of learning songs that you love.
  19. Power chords - a rock musician’s best friend
  20. Your power chords suck (part of the “this is why you suck at guitar” video series by Ben Eller from Whitechapel)
  21. Your first barre chord 
  22. Learn to quickly switch between barre chords 
  23. 7th & minor barre chords 
  24. Learn all sorts of different guitar chords here
  25. Chord recognitions 
  26. Using a CAPO 
  27. Slash chords 
  28. Singing and playing guitar at the same time

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Just like in the beginner’s series, make sure to see JustinGuitar’s intermediate guitar series. He has really easy to follow video + text lessons, and a lesson plan.

  1. String bending - this is how you rock
  2. Learning vibrato - make your guitar sing
  3. Bending & vibrato together
  4. Bending neck vibrato
  5. Natural harmonics - a cool new sound for your guitar
  6. Classical harmonics - very similar to natural harmonics, except you can change where on the fretboard the harmonic lies by using this 1 weird tip - GUITAR TEACHERS HATE HIM!
  7. Pinch harmonics - this is a pretty difficult technique to learn but it’s super fun once you get it.
  8. Tapped harmonics - this is one of the coolest techniques for making an “octave” effect on your car.
  9. How to play a guitar solo - using the blue scale you can start with your first guitar solo.
  10. More scales to use for your guitar solos
  11. Learn to find notes easily using octaves
  12. EXERCISE: The finger gym - make your fingers stronger and faster
  13. EXERCISE: The spider - increase your picking skill
  14. EXERCISE: Scale picking - increase speed and technique 
  15. EXERCISE: Minimum movement - play the guitar with the least movement possible 
  16. Rolling - learn to play 2 notes that are on the same fret, but different strings.
  17. Your picking sucks (“this is why you suck at guitar” video series)
  18. Your tapping sucks (“this is why you suck at guitar” video series)
  19. Practical music theory eBook - learn about guitar theory without boring yourself to death! This eBook is really reasonably priced, and Justin offers a ton of great lessons to give guitar theory lessons that you can actually use and will help you gain confidence, and a strong control over your guitar playing. 

Advanced Guitar Lessons

  1. Your sweep picking sucks (“this is why you suck at guitar” video series)
  2. Your sweep picking STILL sucks (“this is why you suck at guitar” video series)
  3. Your pinch harmonics suck (“this is why you suck at guitar” video series)
  4. Harp harmonics - this combines the classical harmonics with a regular plucking of the strings to create a really beautiful arpeggiated effect.
  5. Learn a ton of advanced guitar songs with Chris Zoupa's Youtube series. He goes in detail, usually between 6-30 minutes of tutorials depending on the difficulty of the song. Very in-depth, and recommended by Ben Eller from Whitechapel.

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