Which Hosting Should You Get For Your Band's Website? 

You’ve already come to the conclusion that you’d like to build a Wordpress band website for your band, but the options for hosting are tremendous. 

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There’s GoDaddy, Bluehost, Wordpress.com hosting, and many more choices. How do you choose?

What You Want In A Web Host

There are 3 main things that are important in a web host:

1. Loading speed

If your website loads slowly, that’s going to be a big problem for your visitors, and doubly so your mobile visitors. You want a host that has quick loading times, so that fans have no reason to click away from your site. 

Check out this infograph from KISSmetrics to see how many of your visitors will leave your site because of slow loading times.

It's important to note that your loading speed can be greatly influenced by the package you get with your web host. $3/month shared hosting will likely be very slow, while a dedicated server will be much faster.

2. Great support

Support is something that can get overlooked, but anyone who develops websites regularly knows full well that good web-hosting support is absolutely a necessity. 

Things go wrong all the time, and having a top-notch support team to help you out with it is a must. If you’re a first-time web developer, don’t let yourself overlook with. Once you’ve done a few sites, you’ll realize how much you need this.

3. Features

Features such as having a:

  • 1-click Wordpress installer
  • robust web FTP editor (in case you ever need it)
  • cPanel
  • and email accounts 

...are always a good bonus to look for in a web host. You might not need every feature all the time, but it sure as heck helps if you ever need it!

You’ll want to find a host that accommodates a variety of needs; a robust web host is a sustainable web host.

Who To Use, And Which Package To Get

I highly recommend using HostGator for hosting your band’s website. I use them for all of my clients and have never had any problems with them.

I once did a website for a church. The website was FourteenSix.com. The client already had an atrocious website that needed a complete redesign, and was hosted on GoDaddy.com. What was meant to be about a 15 hour job, quickly turned into a 24+ hour job because of all the problems that GoDaddy caused for the website. 

Icons wouldn’t appear, the website wouldn’t load quickly at all (or was at least very fickle and undependable), the website framework wouldn’t install properly, and a whole bunch of other silly technical problems helped to make this job take almost 2x as long as it should have.

Did I mention that it was a rush job? I ended up working till 4am, and waking up the next day to do it all again until it was finished; I was pretty exhausted by the end of it and my experience has left a raunchy sweaty-sock stain on GoDaddy ever since.

Those are the types of problems that I found going with any other host (that isn't Hostgator). Now I’m not suggesting that every host except for HostGator is just awful, I’m just saying that I trust them a whole lot because every single site I’ve done with them (which is quite a few!) has been great.

If you decide to go for HostGator, what is a good package to go for?

For a band that’s just starting out, I would say that their “Baby” plan would be perfect for you. Eventually if you get really big, you may need to upgrade to a bigger plan to support all of your visitors. The Baby plan can handle quite a few visitors per day, and should be more than enough to suit your needs.

The speed could be a bit better, but it's more than acceptable for a band that has less than 200 visitors per day to their website.

If you ever get big enough to need more hosting, you should be making a fair amount off of your music by then anyways, so it won’t be a problem for you (I’m talking hundreds, if not thousands of visitors per day).

HostGator Coupon Codes

I’ve gone ahead and arranged for you to get a percentage off of your hosting costs whenever you buy with HostGator. Simply put in either of these coupon codes at the checkout, and you should receive a discount on your purchase:

  • 25%-off - Code: "THEREALMUSICIAN25" - case sensitive
  • $9.94-off - Code: "THEREALMUSICIAN" - case sensitive

If you're purchasing a year or more of hosting, you'll want to use the 25%-off coupon. If you're only purchasing a domain name, use the $9.94-off coupon.

If either of these codes gives you a problem, please make sure you contact me and let me know. I’ll reach out to HostGator and get an up-to-date code that you can use (the codes I listed should work though).

If you need a website designed for your band, I can always help with that. I've done dozens of websites for clients in the past, and I can do the same for your band. If you'd like to work with me, look here for some more information.

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