Why Your Band Needs A Website

If you don't yet have a website for your band, or you need some motivation to get on it, consider these reasons why your band needs a website.

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Shows Credibility, Professionalism, And A Need To Hire

Would you expect a band like The Arcade Fire or Mastodon to not have a website? Of course not, because you know they’re a professional band and popular.

So what does NOT having a website say?

Well, durrrr, the exact opposite! It says that you’re unprofessional. 

Having a professionally designed website shows that you’re serious about your craft, and builds credibility for your band. It helps to answer the question for a potential fan “should I listen to this music?”.

Once they decide to listen, it’s up to your creative talent as a musician to keep them engaged (ie. your music has GOT to be good!)

On top of that, you also have music industry professionals to impress. That record label, studio, venue, promoter, or manager needs to get their pants impressed right off of them, by both your website and your music.

A great website increases your chances of getting their attention, and actually getting somewhere with your music.

Remember, it’s who you know that matters. 

What we don’t always mention with that phrase, is that what you do greatly influences who you’ll know. People who are naturally inclined to be successful will gravitate towards other successful people.

Bottom line: professionals want to work with professionals. If you don’t give off the impression that you’re a professional, then you’ll only attract the attention of those who are unsuccessful. 

Showcase Every Part Of Your Band (Music, Pictures, Videos, Tours, Merch) With Complete Control & Sustainability

Did you know that you don’t own the intellectual property of your Facebook posts? In fact, at any time Facebook can simply shut down your Facebook page, even if you had thousands (or millions) of likes!

Why would this happen? Well, maybe someone anywhere on the internet reported your page as spam, including a competing band that has a grudge against you. Maybe there’s another page with a similar name who is spamming people, or maybe for no legitimate reason at all. What’s important to realize, is that you do not own your Facebook page. 

The same goes for Twitter, YouTube, and every other social network.

If you have your own website, you own and control of everything on it. Unless you’re doing something grossly illegal on it, your website is yours and yours alone. 

You can feel free to put up every uncensored song and video, and no one can stop you (unless once again, you’re doing something grossly illegal). 

Owning a website gives you rights.

Links All Your Web Profiles To One Centralized Location

So you guys have a:

  • Facebook account
  • Twitter profile
  • YouTube channel
  • LinkedIn
  • Reverbnation profile
  • ...and a hundred other profiles. 

Now I never finished college or anything, but that sounds pretty scattered to me.

Your band’s website is your “home base” so to speak. It’s what brings all of those presences together in one unified location. Every web profile you have links back to here, making very happy and unconfused fans! 

A website brings your marketing vision focus.

Improves Branding

You may have had a graphic designer do your Facebook/Twitter, but a website is the final piece to the puzzle for a complete branding package. 

Not only does it show your band's graphic style, but it displays it on a legal entity that you own.

And no, a YOURBAND.WORDPRESS.COM domain is not good enough. It needs to be YOURBAND.COM

Your fans expect you to have your own domain and your own website. They might not realize it explicitly, but subconsciously they know you aren’t living up to your full potential.

Who the heck wants to give off that impression? Someone who wants to be a turkey, that’s who the heck who. 

Don’t be a turkey.

Takes You Out Of The “Local” Genre - Now You’re Available Worldwide Baby!

Your website is available worldwide; anyone from anywhere can access it. 

If you’re a local band, and you’re looking to go somewhere beyond your 90,000 population hometown, a website is a great start. If you build fans elsewhere in the world, you can sell your music and merchandise to them. 

Of course, you can already do this if you have a Bandcamp presence, but your website displays a certain amount of commitment that shows you're going for the gusto.

Improve Your Chances Of Being Successful

If you’re committed to making it somewhere with your music, you’ll get your own website. Whether you make that site yourself, or hire someone to do it for you, just get it done. 

Unless the website is just made atrociously, you will be increasing your chances of winning over the hearts of your fans, and building a living off your music; that really is the bottom line.  

How well you actually use your website and mailing list can increase your chances even further, but you have to start with your own domain.

If you need a website designed for your band, I can always help with that. I've done dozens of websites for clients in the past, and I can do the same for your band. If you'd like to work with me, look here for some more information.

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